How to Use Android DND Settings to Eliminate Robocalls and Texts

Ken Clipperton
2 min readNov 10, 2021

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The Robocall and SMS Spam Problem

Robocalls and SMS spam are a significant nuisance. In spite of federal regulations designed to curb robocalls, more than 4 billion nuisance calls are received each month in the USA.

Some of these calls are more than a nuisance. According to the FBI’s 2020 IC3 Elder Fraud Annual Report, more than 100,000 of America’s senior adults fell prey to fraudsters. Losses totaled more than $1 billion.

Chart showing that the phone is a major pathway for crimes perpetrated on seniors. More than fourteen thousand victims. Losses of more than 200 million dollars.
Source: FBI 2020 IC3 Elder Fraud Annual Report

As a result, many caregivers have felt compelled to protect their parents from the scammers by taking phones away from their parents. But this step tends to increase the isolation and decrease the self-esteem of the parent.

There are multiple technologies now available that can enable dementia sufferers to keep their phones, maintain their connections with friends and family, while significantly reducing the risk of being victimized by fraudsters. They can stay connected safely.

One of those technologies is built into every ANDROID phone.

ANDROID Do Not Disturb (DND) Settings Can Block Calls and Text Messages From Scammers

There are many ways to reduce the number of spam calls and messages, including many apps.

However, few people are aware that the Do Not Disturb feature on every ANDROID phone has options that can be used to limit inbound calls and text messages to just contacts or starred contacts. Without installing another app. Without any extra cost.

I created an online course that explains how to implement these settings, with guidance tailored to family caregivers. The course provides all the information you need to use DND settings to protect yourself and loved ones from spam calls and messages.

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Throughout the course materials, I emphasize the options that are most useful to caregivers in protecting their parents from fraudsters.



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