Reduce Cost, Aggravation, and Fraud with the CTS Safe at Home Phone

Ken Clipperton
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A Caregiver Technology Solutions Case Study

You may save more than you expect by switching to the Caregiver Technology Solutions CTS Safe at Home Phone™. My brother sure did.

What About My Cable Bundle Discount?

My brother, like many people, was receiving a triple-play bundle of services from his cable TV provider — cable TV, internet, and phone. His total monthly bill was $240.02.

He was signed up for the provider’s premier service, which included voicemail and nationwide long-distance calling. The line item for phone service was $35.00. He also received a “bundle savings” of $15 per month because he subscribed to all three services.

How Much Can He Save with the CTS Safe at Home Phone?

Like many people in the USA, my brother receives multiple robocalls and scam calls every day. He liked the sound of reducing unwanted calls but wanted to know the net financial impact on his monthly expenses if he switched to the CTS Safe at Home Phone. How much would he save?

Bad news: He was spending more than he thought on home phone service

Although the line item for phone service showed a monthly cost of $35, he was actually spending quite a bit more. He had inside line maintenance for $10. Taxes, fees, and surcharges on the phone service added another $12.95. Thus, the phone portion of the bill was $57.95.

Good news: His savings are greater than expected

Since he would be dropping one of the three bundled services, my brother wanted to know what his bill would be without the phone service.

We called the service provider and explained we were seeking to reduce his overall costs. Then we told the representative, “We are not asking you to change any services today. We simply want to know what the monthly bill would be if we dropped the phone. What would the new monthly cost be?”

The answer surprised us. Instead of $240.02, the bill would be $161.52. That is a decrease of $78.50 per month.

My brothers net savings after switching phone services are almost $50 per month.

Why the better-than-expected cost reduction? Because we were asking about cost savings, the representative applied a 12-month promotional discount. Even after the promotion expires, the new bill should be $170 per month, yielding an ongoing savings of $70 per month.

How Much Does the CTS Safe at Home Phone Cost?

The initial one-time cost for the CTS Safe at Home Phone is $119.99 after applying a $10 coupon from your Caregiver Tech or the CTS website, and there is no charge for moving your existing home number to the CTS Safe at Home Phone. (The regular price for porting is $39.99.)

Ooma’s service charge is $19.99 per month plus government taxes, fees, and surcharges. In my brother’s case, those fees added $8.08 for a monthly home phone bill of $28.07.

While government taxes, fees, and surcharges can change from month to month, my brother’s net savings are currently $49.53 per month. In other words, he should recover the initial cost of purchasing the CTS Safe at Home Phone in about 3 months.

Triple win: Lower Cost, Less Aggravation, Reduced Risk

Win #1 — Lower cost. As you probably guessed, my brother made the switch and is now enjoying savings of almost $50 per month with the CTS Safe at Home Phone.

Win #2 — Less aggravation. My brother is also experiencing far less aggravation because the CTS Safe at Home Phone has dramatically reduced the number of unwanted calls he receives.

Win #3 — Reduced risk. My brother has also reduced his risk of being tricked by fraudsters. How much will he save if this solution keeps him from being scammed?

Quick Quiz to See if the CTS Safe at Home Phone a Good Fit for You

If you answer “yes” to these four questions, the CTS Safe at Home Phone is a good fit for you.

1. Do I have a home phone?

2. Do I want to reduce the number of unwanted calls I receive?

3. Do I have good 4G cellular coverage?

The CTS Safe at Home Phone™ is based on the Ooma Telo 4G Safety Phone. You can verify cellular coverage for the location(s) you plan to use the phone at

4. Can my home phone number move to Ooma?

To see if you can transfer your phone number to Ooma, go to: Select the radio button next to “I’d like to check if I can transfer (port) my number” and enter your area code and first three digits of your number. Then select the ENTER button.

How Much Will You Save by Switching to the CTS Safe at Home Phone?

If you receive a monthly bill for just your phone service, compare that monthly cost with the cost of this solution.

If you currently receive a bundle of services, do what my brother and I did. Contact your current provider and tell them, “I am not asking you to change any services today. I just want to know what my new monthly bill would be if I eliminated the phone. What would my new monthly bill be?”

Get a $10 Coupon Toward the Purchase of the CTS Safe at Home Phone

Visit to learn more about the many benefits and features of the CTS Safe at Home Phone and to purchase the solution.

I hope you find this article helpful in protecting yourself and your loved ones from scammers and annoying robocalls. To receive articles like this directly in your inbox, please sign up for our newsletter. Caregiver Technology Solutions offers special discounts to our newsletter subscribers. Currently, new subscribers receive a $10 discount coupon for the CTS Safe at Home Phone.


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